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The Benefits of External Wall Insulation (EWI)

Energy Efficiency
Resulting in lower energy consumption, reducing your carbon footprint.
Cost Saving
EWI Provides long-term cost savings by reducing your energy bills.
Aesthetic Improvement
With a variety of finishes and colours available, EWI can transform the external appearance.
External Wall Insulation helps maintain a more consistent indoor temperature
Condensation Control
The insulation layer acts as a barrier, reducing the risk of condensation on internal walls.
Increased Property Value
External Wall Insulation can contribute to an increase in your homes market value.

"Excellent company at all stages of the process. First class workmanship, reliable, prompt, helpful and with highly efficient communication skills. Totally recommend both the company and wall insulation system which works very well and looks great."

David B.

RJ Dean Plasterers

Why Choose RJ Dean?

RJ Dean Plasterers excels in the precision installation of external wall insulation, bringing over 40 years of industry expertise to elevate your property's aesthetics and substantially reduce heating costs.

We offer a friendly and dependable service throughout East Anglia and rendering services, including EWI, in Norfolk.

Get in touch today to schedule a complimentary site survey and receive a detailed quote.

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RJ Dean plasterers - Tristan Hunt

Tristan Hunt

External Wall Insulation and Eco Manager

Tristan, formerly an EWI Technical Manager for a global manufacturer, leads our External Wall Insulation and Eco projects across domestic and commercial sectors. His expertise and contacts ensure smooth, compliant operations.

Accreditations & Funding Streams

We operate to the highest professional standards and are recognised and accredited by the leading authorities in the construction industry as well as ISO 9001 registered for Quality Assurance.

We are able to install projects involving these funding streams:
ECO4 scheme, SHDF (Social Housing Decarb Fund), GBIS (Great British Insulation Scheme), LAD (Local Authority Delivery) and HUG (Hope Upgrade Grant).

The External Wall Insulation Process

At RJ Dean Plasterers, we take pride in offering a seamless and tailored EWI solution in Norfolk that goes beyond conventional plastering.

Initial Consultation and Site Assessment

We start by scheduling a consultation where our EWI specialist will visit your property.
Here we will conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand your specific needs, evaluate the condition of your external walls, and discuss your desired outcome. This step allows us to tailor our external wall insulation solution to your unique requirements.

Customised EWI Installation

Based on the information gathered during the consultation, we will develop a personalised external wall insulation plan.
Our skilled EWI Norfolk team will then execute the installation process with precision and efficiency. This involves applying the chosen insulation material to the external walls, ensuring a seamless finish that not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also significantly improves its energy efficiency.

Final Inspection and Client Satisfaction

After completing the installation, our team conducts a thorough final inspection to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the external wall insulation. We prioritise client satisfaction, and our EWI experts will walk you through the completed work, addressing any questions you may have. We aim to ensure that the external wall insulation exceeds your expectations, leaving your property with a refreshed appearance and improved energy performance.

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