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Room partitioning is a range of ways to split a room to create new rooms or spaces in your household. These can transform your home to suit your family situation and lifestyle.

They are often used to create privacy, hide a space that may be untidy, redirect the way people move around your house or simply to be decorative.  We install metal or timber stud walls to help create new space in your home.

Stud Partition Walls

If you need an extra room to make an office or a bedroom, a stud partition wall could be the perfect solution. A stud partition wall is made up of either timber or metal studs secured to the floor, ceiling and wall and then plasterboard is applied. Once decorated, no one will be able to tell that this wall was never an integral part of your home.

We can help you decide what material would be the best for your project and help you transform your space.

MF Ceilings

If you need a ceiling lowered or custom drop down details to ceilings to make a led light feature, we can help design and fit to make your home unique and stand out from the rest.

We also supply and fit tile and grid systems for the bigger commercial projects.

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