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Looking for expert external wall insulation services in Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambridgeshire? Look no further than RJ Dean Plasterers. With a a dedicated EWI and Eco Manager, our team of professionals specialise in installing external wall insulation for residential properties, significantly boosting energy efficiency. We are BBA approved, fully compliant with pas2035 to fit external wall insulation and TrustMark registered, so you can be confident you are getting the best possible service with high standards.

What is External Wall Insulation (EWI)?

External Wall Insulation involves the installation of an insulation layer onto your walls, followed by specialised render or cladding. At RJ Dean Plasterers, we offer a range of finishes, including smooth, textured, painted, tiled, paneled, pebble-dashed, or brick slips, ensuring a customised look for your property.

External Wall insulation

Benefits of External Wall Insulation in Suffolk

There are several advantages to opting for external wall insulation for your home:

1. Energy savings: Our external wall insulation can help you save up to £930 annually on energy bills for detached houses.

2. Increased property value: Usually, the price you pay for EWI to be installed goes straight into your property valuation – its an investment into your home

3. Improved EPC rating: Boost your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating by investing in our energy-efficient solutions.

4. Eco-friendly solution: Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener environment.

5. Enhanced appearance: Renew the look of your exterior walls with our top-quality finishes.

6. Weatherproofing and sound resistance: Benefit from improved protection against the elements and enhanced soundproofing.

7. Draught reduction: Fill cracks and gaps in the brickwork to minimise draughts inside your property.

8. Long-term wall protection: Extend the lifespan of your walls by safeguarding the underlying brickwork.

9. Damp prevention: Mitigate condensation on internal walls and minimise the risk of damp issues (excluding rising or penetration damp).

10. External wall insulation grants: Our knowledgeable team can assist you in identifying potential grants.

Further information:

External wall insulation is best installed at the same time as external refurbishment work to reduce the cost and may need planning permission - check with your local council. It is not recommended if the outer walls are structurally unsound and cannot be repaired, and we require good access to the outer walls.

PAS 2035 Certified

PAS 2035 is the British Standard for Retrofitting Dwellings. It outlines how retrofit projects should be managed and delivered. Compliance with PAS 2035 is a requirement of all retrofit programmes deploying government funding.

RJ Dean Plasterers is fully compliant with PAS 2035 to fit external wall insulation.

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