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At R J Dean plasterers, we specialise in providing comprehensive Dry lining solutions for both residential and commercial projects. Our expertise extends to meeting the unique requirements of commercial spaces, ensuring efficient and professional Dry lining services.

We are BBA approved, fully compliant with pas2035 to fit external wall insulation and TrustMark registered, so you can be confident you are getting the best possible service with high standards.

Where is dry lining used in commercial buildings?

Dry lining can be used on internal walls and ceilings, including brick walls and uneven surfaces, as well as on internal stud walls. Dry lining can be referred to as either tacking or sticking. Tacking involves screwing plasterboard to either a timber frame or metal stud partition. Sticking plasterboard is referred to as ‘Dot and dab.’ Drywall adhesive is used to attach plasterboard to walls. Depending on the type of wall or surface the plasterboard is being fixed to, two standard thicknesses of plasterboard, 9.5mm and 12.5mm, can be used.

Dry lining in a commercial setting

Dry lining for insulation in commercial buildings.

Dry lining serves as an excellent choice for insulation in commercial buildings, offering several advantages that are particularly relevant to your commercial projects:

- Energy Efficiency: Dry lining enhances energy efficiency, benefiting both walls and ceilings, which is essential for creating a cost-effective and energy-efficient workspace. Reduced energy consumption can lead to substantial cost savings for your commercial operation.

- Climate Comfort: Our insulated plasterboards contribute to better climate control within commercial buildings, ensuring comfort during extreme weather conditions. They help maintain a pleasant temperature during winters and keep interiors cool in the summer.

- Sound Insulation: Dry lining effectively mitigates noise pollution, a critical consideration in commercial settings. We offer specific types of drywall that provide excellent sound insulation with minimal impact on overall thickness, contributing to a more productive and quieter work environment.

- High Strength: Various types of plasterboard and steel frames are available to deliver exceptional strength, making them suitable for commercial and industrial buildings. High-density plasterboard is particularly valuable for facilities such as schools, libraries, and other public spaces where durability is crucial.

- Cost-Effectiveness: Dry lining is a cost-effective solution for insulation in commercial buildings. It offers an economical option with a swift installation process, making it an essential component of many construction projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency and comfort of commercial spaces.

If you are interested in our dry lining services for your commercial project, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. We'll be delighted to provide you with a free quote and discuss how our services can enhance the efficiency and functionality of your commercial building.

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