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At RJ Dean Plasterers, we offer excellent external rendering services and cladding. There are a number of options and we will always work with you to select the right solution.

Cladding is the outer layer or ‘skin’ of your house, whereas rendering is the process of applying cement mixture to walls to achieve a smooth or textured surface. It can be made of sand or cement or a more flexible and breathable material.

Rendering is ideal for if you wish to hide mismatched, irregular or poor-quality brickwork. It is also used to protect your house from the elements as it is traditionally made up of multiple layers. We offer a wide range of rendering solutions which will suit the budgets, tastes and timescale of your project.

Silicon Coloured Render

Silicon Coloured render is a system we can provide for our clients.  This is a top of the range system which has a range of benefits. Silicon is breathable, as opposed to cement and acrylic renders which tend to seal off the wall.

It is also self-coloured - this means that it only requires one coat, whereas with other rendering systems colour is added afterward. An advantage of this is its durability and less maintenance compared to painted render.

Silicon Coloured Render is ideal for transforming your property with less maintenance required.


The word Monocouche literally translates into English as ‘one coat’. Monocouche render is often used to refresh current walls or to offer an updated look to a new build or refurbishment. We can offer various finishes, including scraped and roughcast.

This type of render allows you to get creative! It is long lasting, low maintenance, so it is ideal for customers who are looking to change a tired looking property into something more modern.

Lime Rendering

Lime rendering is a traditional process making a comeback. Lime rendering is less likely to allow moisture to be trapped into the walls than cement. Clients like lime rendering as it is also more visually appealing. However, it is more expensive than cement and is applied with specialist applicators.

We recommend lime rendering for listed building on to Laths or Savolit Boards. It also has good insulating properties.

Sand Cement Rendering

Sand cement rendering is usually mixed on site and is applied in two or three coats. The bottom coats are scored, whilst the top coat is applied smoothly to allow for painting.

While the material cost is low, its expense grows because of the amount of physical labour required to apply multiple coats. This is usually best for renovation work, for example when trying to match up to existing works.

External Cladding

An alternative to rendering

Hardieplank is an alternative method to rendering. We recommend using Hardieplank if you wish to use a versatile, low maintenance and natural cement cladding. As it is ‘made to last’, this strong fibre cement cladding has enhanced durability and is fire, moisture, rot and pest resistant.

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Render cleaning - Bring your walls back to life

With wet and warm weather comes algae and it has a habit of making render look very dirty. We offer a pole fed soft wash cleaning of render to bring your walls back to life.

Render is rightfully a very popular building material, used to finish, and insulate, exterior walls. It is very durable, usually with a guarantee of 10 years plus, and it is weather resistant. It also maintains its colour and is through coloured, so after several years it can look as fresh as the day it was applied.

There are many popular brands, such as K-Rend, Weber, PPG, and more. Like any building material it does require maintenance from time to time. Various factors can cause the render to blow and to crack. After a period, organic growth will take hold of render too, and this in its early stages is what leads to the red and green staining. The growth of render can be affected by various conditions and especially near the coast.

Get in touch for a render cleaning quote and give your render another lease of life.

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