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For centuries, the illustrious tradition of lime plaster has graced Suffolk's commercial timber-framed buildings, adorned with the delicate finesse of lime wash. In East Anglia, our region bears witness to an extensive history of exquisite lime work, and at R J Dean, we take immense pride in our specialisation as experts in the meticulous restoration of traditional internal and external lime finishes tailored to the unique needs of commercial properties.

Historic Plaster Restoration - Trusted Expertise for Commercial Projects

R J Dean's seasoned team brings an array of expertise to the table when it comes to installing internal and external lime work in commercial settings. We comprehend the intricate art of crafting bespoke finishes and adhere to the stringent requirements often associated with commercial, heritage-listed structures. Whether it's rejuvenating existing brickwork or methodically supplying and installing timber laths and woodwool boards onto timber frames before applying lime, our unwavering commitment to preserving Suffolk's heritage is extended to your commercial endeavours.

Lime work in a commercial setting

The Business Advantages of Lime Plaster

Opting for premium lime plastering in your commercial building project unveils a plethora of benefits that transcend mere aesthetics. Here are the key advantages, tailored to the demands of your business:

- Regulate Internal Conditions: Lime plaster, celebrated for its breathability, acts as a moisture regulator within your commercial property, ensuring a stable and comfortable indoor environment for employees and clients alike.

- A Hygienic Setting: Lime plaster's elevated pH levels create an inhospitable environment for mould and fungi growth, providing a healthful and hygienic working space.

- Time-Tested Durability: Lime plaster is synonymous with longevity, with the potential to grace your commercial property for centuries due to its remarkable hardness. Your investment in lime plaster is an enduring commitment to your business's future.

- Adaptability and Resilience: Lime plaster is water-resistant, making it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications. Its resilience against the elements ensures a lasting, low-maintenance solution for your commercial property.

- Eco-Conscious Construction: Lime plaster is not just an architectural choice; it's an environmentally conscious one. Its manufacturing process generates lower embodied carbon compared to cement, contributing to a more sustainable, greener world.

- A Timeless Elegance: Lime plaster marries timeless charm with modern eco-consciousness, making it the preferred choice for contemporary commercial construction and the restoration of historically significant structures.

At R J Dean, we extend an invitation to explore the enduring appeal and numerous advantages of lime plaster for your commercial building. Allow us to be your partners in preserving Suffolk's rich heritage while embracing a more sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient future for your business.

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