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Insulation is, essentially, any material that is used to fill the spaces of your home. This includes little gaps, crevices and hard to reach places, as the aim is to reduce heat flow. This is done in two ways - either by reflection or absorption or both.

In order to get the right insulation for your home, you need to be clear about what you want the outcome to be; for example, options include soundproofing, electrical and thermal insulation.  

We are approved installers with K Systems, Weber, Parex, Wetherby, Ecorend and  Johnston’s PPG.

Internal Thermal Insulation

If you are wanting to keep your home nice and warm and increase energy efficiency levels, then thermal insulation would be best suited to you.

Insulation slows the movement of heat from hot areas to cool areas. It helps heat from escaping from your home in the winter and stops it getting too warm in the summer.

When installed properly, from a reputable company such as ourselves, insulation can make your life a whole lot easier, more comfortable and cheaper.

External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation is a method of upgrading the performance and appearance of houses. The result of this is a more energy efficient house, and also a property which is more aesthetically pleasing.

We offer specific EWI systems to increase the thermal value of your house. This is a popular choice as there is no need to decorate as we fix your chosen insulation to the external walls and apply a silicon pre-coloured finish.

Insulation is mechanically fixed to the outside of your property and there are many different types of finish you can choose from including pre coloured render and a classic brick slip/ brick rend effect to keep your face brickwork look.

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Green Deal and Home Grant

The Green Deal benefits millions of businesses and homeowners throughout the UK by providing smarter, warmer more energy efficient homes with financial savings. The government announced the Green Deal in October 2012 and it provides up front funding for businesses and homeowners to install energy efficient measures repaid through energy bills.

RJ Dean Plasterers is an accredited Green Deal Installer for External Wall Insulation. You may be eligible to up to £10,000 towards the cost of insulating your home.

Although the Green Home Grant has come to an end, the government will bring other schemes though, so keep an eye on our website, social media and government websites.

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